The Importance Of Water After A Massage

Getting a professional massage is one of the most rewarding and therapeutic things that you can do for yourself. Taking the time to yourself to get all your body’s aches and strains sorted out is a great feeling, and odds are, you want those results to last! After getting multiple massages from one of LaVida Massage’s many locations, you likely have been advised by your massage therapist to drink plenty of water over the next few days. Have you ever wondered why that is? Our team of massage experts has put together the most common reasons why we advise our clients to hydrate after a massage; read on to learn more! 

Massages Dehydrate the Body
While you’re relaxing, your massage therapist is kneading the muscles in your body to release built-up tension and tightness. In doing so, fluid pumps out of the tissue and into your body’s circulatory system, ending up in your kidneys. You’ll likely have to use the restroom after a massage, meaning that your body will have little to no water left in it after. Fueling up on water restores the body to its appropriate hydration levels! 

Water Detoxifies Pollutants 
After your massage, the pent-up toxins may not fully have been eradicated from your body. Drinking water can help the kidneys, as well as other organs, process numerous substances that travel through the body on a regular basis. Typically, after a massage, many toxins have been released and they need to be flushed out. Drinking water naturally detoxifies the body of pollutants, meaning the more you drink, the more harmful toxins you flush out! 

Also, drinking water before a massage can help too. The massage therapist will be able to perform a deeper massage because the muscles are easier to manipulate due to them being more hydrated.

Drinking Water Reduces Soreness
Many people commonly admit to being a bit sore after a massage. This is completely natural. When the muscles are healthy and hydrated, they’re soft and allow blood to freely flow through them. Now, when the muscles are dehydrated, this is what causes you pain and soreness. The muscles become tight and compacted which can restrict movement and cause discomfort. To help with the soreness, drinking water gives your muscles the hydration they need to heal. 

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Headache Linen Mist Spray

Our busy lives often bring stress and tension, but also headaches. Our Headache Linen Mist Spray is a simple solution to those painful migraines. With each breath you take feel your stress slip away. To use the Headache Mist, simply spray your linens or pillowcase and breathe deeply. Within minutes you will notice a more clear and fresh mind. This Headache Mist is a product of Clear My Head which is a company that we are proud to work with and a company that focuses on natural and organic ingredients. Stop by anytime to pick up your own Headache Mist Spray at LaVida Massage in Bloomfield Township. (248-258-1111)

Treating Sciatic Pain with Massage Therapy

Your sciatic nerve is actually comprised of five nerve roots from your lower back. These nerve roots join together and run from the lower back down through each leg, and into your feet. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. The pain is often caused by one of your nerves being pinched by a herniated disc in your back, which is a result from either lifting heavy objects, falling down etc...To treat the Sciatica pain many seek Massage Therapy to reduce the pain. Massage therapy helps loosen the tight lower back muscles that place stress on your nerve roots. While encouraging the release of pain fighting endorphins; which provide relief from symptoms like throbbing pain on your foot or the burning sensation in your leg. Call LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township to book your appointment today! (248)-258-1111

Fall is fast approaching

Fall is fast approaching and what better way to enjoy the change of season than adding aroma therapy to your next session! LaVida offers a variety of aroma therapy including Lavender, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and thieves. Aroma therapy adds an extra touch of relaxation. Certain aromatherapy scents are even used to alleviate pain, headaches, and even help with colds. Take care of your body and pamper yourself with your choice of aromatherapy! Let go of your stress and enjoy the aroma therapy! To make an appointment call us today! (248-258-1111)

How Massage Therapy can help improve Posture

Did you know that One-Half of all Americans admit to having back pain symptom each year? 50% of that is due to poor posture. Having poor posture can detract from your overall appearance (from the way you stand and walk) If you or someone you know suffers from bad posture, discover how massage therapy can help not only improve your posture but eliminate back pain. Massage Therapy works to alleviate muscle tension and pressure. As your muscles relax, you gain flexibility in your neck, shoulders, and back .Allowing you sit and stand taller without having any neck or back pain. Book your massage today at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township (248-258-1111)

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Women who are out of their first trimester can receive Prenatal Massage. (If you are in your first trimester consult your doctor before booking an appointment, as well as present a doctor’s note to the center.) The benefits to a Prenatal Massage are; • Reduced muscle tension and headaches. • Reduced stress and anxiety. • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles. • Better Sleep These are just a couple of beneficial things that will benefit you along your pregnancy! Book your appointment at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township today! (New Clients receive a first time discount!) Call 248-258-1111

At Home Remedies for Pain

Sitting at computers and driving around can cause bad posture and back pain. With the Posture Medic, your posture is improved and you feel lighter and more focused. With our products such as our Posture Medic and AccuMassager, we strive to make it easy for you to address your aches and pains in between sessions. Our AccuMassager is very popular and easy to use! With handles on both sides, you are able to massage and pinch the knots out of your back, neck, and anywhere else they may occur. Stop by and try them out! Or give us a call 258-258-1111.

What you need to know about a Reflexology Massage…

Reflexology Massage is more than a foot massage. It can help release tensions that have an effect on the whole body. By applying pressure to a person’s feet; it restores balancing and harmony in the body as well as release tensions in other areas of the body. At LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township, We have Therapists who specialize in Reflexology! Book your appointment today! 248-258-1111

The Benefits of Craniosacral Massage

Cranial Sacral Massage has been used to help problems with the temporomandibular joint (the hinge of the jaw) nervous system, disorders, and last but certainly not least stress. By getting a Cranial Massage it will help also improve your immune system, and helps the body respond more effectively to release any tension in the body. Call us at 248-258-1111

Sleep away your stress

Sleep away your stress Here at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township, we value the health of our clients and offer a variety of essential oils to take home for your day to day lifestyle. Our Lavender oil that is used in aromatherapy helps induce sleep as well as relieve stress and anxiety. During your next massage think about adding aromatherapy and feel your stress drift away. We also sell our essential oils so you can take them home and enjoy them throughout your day. There are essential oils for all parts of your life, whether you need them for a positive energy boost, stress, focus, sleep, and so much more. Call today to book your next appointment! 248-258-1111

Clear your Head!

Here at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township we carry a few different types of Clear My Head products. With both linen mists for sinus and headaches and inhalation jars you’ll be breathing better in no time. A blend of therapeutic essential oils specially formulated to open you up just a few pumps of the mist over your bed will help you to get a better nights rest. The inhalation jars is perfect for any deck or counter just open it up and hold it under your nose while you take a deep breath and you’ll feel better quick. Take the included seashell and scoop some of the jars contents out and set it on the ledge of your shower for a sauna experience in your own bathroom. All of these products are available at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield. Call for yours today at 248-258-1111

What you need to know about HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS ?

Himalayan Lamps are not only good for decoration in your house; but for many things such as it Increases your energy levels, and helps with mood & concentration .This is due to the effect of the negative ions on your body, by having a Himalayan Salt lamp in your room, office, etc, you are improving blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs, as well as providing a boost of serotonin. This also helps with sleep and is an environmental friendly light source. Here at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township we carry Himalayan Salt lamps and we are obsessed! Stop by our store to pick yours up! Members receive 10% off! 248-258-1111

Rest and Relax

A break to relax and recharge during a stressful workday can seem unattainable, especially when you need it most. Corporate chair massage makes it easy to access physical, mental, and emotional wellness right in your office, in a manner that works for your schedule and office environment. Organizing office events and scheduling company-wide perks can be complicated, but corporate massage doesn’t have to be a headache. Chair massage in the office makes rest and relaxation available to your team without interrupting the flow of your workplace. You choose the time and place. Studies show that chair massage at work boosts morale, and productivity. Call today to book a chair massage session for your workplace with the team at Lavida Massage of Bloomfield Township. 248-258-1111

3 Common Massage Myths Debunked!

Myth: There's no real need to drink water after receiving a massage. Truth: Drinking water after a massage is actually very important. One way to help avoid being sore the day after your massage is to increase the amount of water you drink both before and after your appointment. Drinking more water helps to flush the toxins and other waste that your therapist pushed out of your muscles and back into circulation. Myth: Massage is perfect before a night out Truth: You should never drink or smoke after getting a massage, because massage increases your circulation. This means that alcohol and nicotine have a stronger effect after a massage session. Try to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before and after your massage. Myth: It's got to hurt to be effective. Truth: “No Pain, No Gain” is not the approach one should take with Massage Therapy. You may experience some discomfort, but you should never be in pain. If your therapist is causing pain, say so! Your therapist wants to help you, not hurt you so it’s important to communicate how you’re feeling throughout the session. Call us at 248-258-1111

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is used in aromatherapy that can offer a variety of health benefits; including helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, and boosting immunity. Add the Frankincense aromatherapy to your massage session for your visit in at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township! 248-258-1111

Happy Life aromatherapy

We can all agree we’re a little happy that summer is right around the corner. Here at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township we would like to introduce our favorite essential oil blend ‘Happy Life’. This blend is uplifting, refreshing, and energizing. This oil is perfect to put in your diffusers or add to your massage! What are you waiting for, head over to LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township and purchase your happy life aromatherapy! (Members receive 10% off) 248-258-1111

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Help reduce Spring Allergies and enhance your breath by adding a Clear my Head Inhalation Jar to your home or office. It is a powerful jar with an invigorating scent created with a custom blend of 7 different pure essential oils that to help reduce secondary infections by inhibiting airborne pathogens. Using this jar will also help you stay alert, refreshed, enhance each breath by opening sinus passages allowing you to breath freely and deeply, and also adds a nice aroma to your home and can last up to 2 years. Come in and Pick up yours today at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township!

Topical Pain Relief

Here at LaVida Massage at Maple and Lasher we offer two types of topical pain relief. Both Tiger Balm and BioFreeze are very effective at relieving muscle pain and soreness during and after your massage. Tiger Balm gives a deep penetrating heat while BioFreeze offers an icy chill to soothe sore muscles. Try one during your next session or pick some up for use at home. It’s as easy as an easy application to the affected area up to three times a day. Massaging the area is not necessary; Apply n Go! Call us ! 248-258-1111

Does massage help avoid the Flu?

This year the flu is running rampant, and massage can help keep you healthier. Massage improves circulation throughout the body, this is because massage moves blood through congested areas, and this movement allows new blood in. This removes waste from the tissues and helps to lower blood pressure and improve overall body function. This is also why massage is good for the immune system; it helps to remove toxins from your body. So after your massage remember to drink plenty of water to flush those toxins out and you are on your way to a happier, healthier you. Call LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township today to book your next appointment! 248-258-1111

Communicating with Your Massage Therapist

Massage has a long history in cultures all around the world. For some, massage is a luxury. But, massage has a plethora of health benefits and can be used to help sore muscles and tired bodies. However, one of the most important parts of receiving a...
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