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LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township is a family owned franchise consisting of two brothers who grew up locally. "Our passion for our massage business grows stronger on a daily basis as we continuously hear positive feedback and above satisfactory experiences by our clientele.
Each day, we get the pleasure of seeing our clients take a short amount of time out of their day, in order to come in and find relief from everyday stressors. There is no better feeling than seeing our clients come out happy and well-benefitted after a single massage session.

We do everything in favor for our clients and do our best to fit you with the correct therapist to aid with your specific needs.  Our staff sincerely loves their clientele and do all they are capable of in order for you to enjoy each and every massage session you come in for." Read more...


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How Massage Can Help Improve Sleep

Most people know that massage is great for relieving discomfort and pain. It can also be a fun and relaxing activity to do on a vacation or during the holidays when stress is high. But what you may not be aware of is the fact that massage can...

Massage and Tendonitis

If you have tendinitis you may be able to accelerate healing with a deep tissue or sports massage. Massage can help provide relief regardless of whether your tendinitis is caused by overuse or other factors. Factors like, injury frequently result in scar tissue, but regular massages can help loosen that tissue to keep it from shortening your muscle fibers. This helps you sustain your range of motion, as well as keeps your muscles more supple to reduce the chance of further injury. To find a Licensed Massage Therapist who’s well versed in Sports or Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage call 248-258- 1111 to book a healing massage with LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township.
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LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township, MI is committed to providing the finest Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, chair, corporate, couples, sports and prenatal massages available. Our therapists are also skilled at providing aromatherapy and trigger point therapy for clients in the Bloomfield Township area. We are conveniently located near the intersection of Maple Road and Lahser Road by PNC Bank and Subway.